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Why We're Awesome


Chewy & Pals is unlike any other pet care service in Austin.  We offer boutique, hands on personalized services that put your pets' needs above all else. This mix of doggy daycare, boarding and trail hiking allows the dogs to play, hike, travel, and relax together, forming a unique, cohesive pack, while also enhancing their socialization skills.  We board up to three cats who enjoy 400 square feet of space in a bright sunroom, offering a drinking fountain, cat tree, nooks and crannies to explore, and big windows perfect for napping in the sunlight. 



On any given day you will find us deep in the woods on a rustic trail with two to eight dogs.  We think it's important to give your dog the freedom to explore their surroundings, develop the skills to be off leash, and get mental and physical exercise while on a two hour hike with Chewy and his pals. 


The experience of a trail hike is not just for the dogs, it's also a personal and spiritual adventure for me as well.  I strongly encourage you to try it so you can experience first hand the tranquility of a babbling creek, the beauty of wildflowers lining the trail in the spring and summer, amazement at spotting a red shouldered hawk, or the joy displayed by dogs while chasing the wind or each other as their ears flop wildly.  Check-out my book "Yes Dogs Allowed! Hiking Austin's Neighborhood Trails' to find a trail and discover the beautiful greenbelts of Austin.

About Us

The goal of Chewy & Pals Pet Care Services is to provide dedicated, customized service to you for your pets.  To that end I offer a limited line of services for dogs and cats including boarding, canine trail hiking and doggy daycare for older dogs.


A little about me: after retiring with more than 38 years in corporate America I added Chewbacca, a Shih Tzu mix, to my three cat life and fell madly in love.  I am now living the life I was meant to live.


My every day is filled with “furry butts and hiking trails” and it just doesn’t get any better than this!  I enjoy being around and caring for animals and I do almost everything with my boarding & daycare packs!

Chewy's Pal: Tino

Valentino “Tino”, an 11-year-old mini-poodle, has been a member of the

Chewy & Pals daycare & hiking pack since 2014. 

Tino overcomes separation anxiety by leading the Chewy & Pals Howling Choir.  You can often hear Tino at work as we leave his house; he signals to the choir to begin by throwing his head back and  howling in perfect pitch.

Tino’s lead bass is accompanied by tenors Chewbacca, Spicey & Freddy who rock the car under his direction.

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